Wunderbar Wunderlist makes it virtually impossible to procrastinate

The latest app I can’t live without: Wunderlist.

It’s a virtual to-do list that works on all your devices (PC, iPad, iPhone, etc.) and can be shared with people who are important to you.

For example, I can share my to-do Wunderlist with my Beloved, and he can add tasks to it like, “Make an appointment with the dog groomer.” You could share lists with co-workers or a boss.

I can create a grocery Wunderlist that I can add to whenever I think of it (and so can the hubby) and when I’m standing in the grocery store, I can whip out my phone and ta-da! There’s what I need to pick up.

I started a books-to-read Wunderlist today — no more Post-It Notes all over my desk!

You can add dates to the list, too, so you’re not clogging up today’s list with stuff that needs to be done next week.

Best of all: Wunderlist is free.

Check it out: Wunderlist.


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