Opening day … there will be joy

If there’s a news outlet or baseball expert predicting the Twins are going to win the American League Central division this season, I haven’t found it.

The Star Tribune’s coverage of spring training (thank you, iPad subscription!) has been, shall we say, nothing short of pessimistic.

Apparently, the Detroit Tigers or maybe the Kansas City Royals (really? the Royals?) are going to win it. Or maybe the Cleveland Indians. Most of the oracles I’ve consulted are forecasting a cat fight between the Chicago White Sox and the Twins for the division basement honors.

Water off a duck’s back, I say. I don’t care what the know-it-alls know. They don’t know. Frankly, I don’t remember anyone predicting the Twins would lose 99 games last season so really, no one knows what might happen.

That’s the unadulterated joy of the beginning of the baseball season. It’s all hope and promise (and until tomorrow afternoon at least, a flawless record).

I’m going to celebrate with a baseball salad, I think (click here for the recipe). You might like it, too.


2 responses to “Opening day … there will be joy

  1. It’s that time of year where every team and every fan can be a cock-eyed optimist….I love it! My Astros are even at 500….for now. 🙂

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