Abundance grows where abundance is sown

The abundance mentality always beats the scarcity mentality.

New chances and new opportunities abound, and I soaked in this mentality last night at an interesting networking event called a CRAVE chat.

It was held in a loft-like domicile with an open ceiling, exposed brick and cabinetless kitchen in Chicago. A group of about 40 women — mostly entrepreneurs including a couple jewelry designers, fashion designers and boutique owners — noshed on yummy vegetarian nibbles and sipped wine while mingling and listening to a panel discuss “Women: Collaborators or Competitors?”

The panel representing various other networking groups essentially agreed: Collaborators. There’s more than enough business for everyone, and everyone serves her own unique niche.

Since I spend so much time in a lazy village nestled among cornfields, the whole event last night felt cosmopolitan and high-powered. A place where ideas and opportunity grow.

Abundantly so.

One response to “Abundance grows where abundance is sown

  1. Sounds like you had a great time. I have an event like that coming up next week at work. They call it “coffee talks” and different women in the business get together to chat about their career paths.

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