Fashion, stated by one’s phone cover

A person’s shoes say a lot about her fashion sense.

If you’re willing to settle for boring (yes, I know, comfortable) shoes, you’re probably settling in a lot of other fashion decisions, too.

In your 20s, you may settle in the shoe department simply because you don’t have the funds to get jiggy. It’s sad, actually, since one’s pain tolerance is probably highest in one’s 20s.

In your 30s, you might settle for boring shoes … heck, I don’t know why anyone in their 30s would settle for plain-jane shoes.

In your 40s, you settle for functional shoes because your balance starts to go and you don’t even want to risk a chance of standing for even 20 minutes in heels.

That’s when you divert fashion attention to your purse. Of course, by your 40s, you’re really sick of dumping stuff from one purse to another just so the metal accents match your jewelry. I can barely change purses for the season, let alone the day.

So, a fashionable woman in the 2010s makes a statement with her phone case. I marveled the other day at all the cool options Zhenya dug up over at “Bringing NYC Style to Minneapolis” (click here for that post and pay close attention to the Swarovski crystal peacock case — wow).

Here’s my phone cover:

I love the sparkly ’60s vibe. I must confess, however, I didn’t pick it. My Beloved, the former shoe salesman with an eye for detail, chose it for me when he got me an iPhone for Christmas.

I also love the look of my Stella & Dot iPad gun-metal quilted case, which I chose myself:

Like a pair heels with comfort inserts, it’s function and fun, all together, holding the fashion bar high.

3 responses to “Fashion, stated by one’s phone cover

  1. You, my dear, should check into Miche Bags! My roommate (25 years of age) has 1 and about a bazillion covers for it and so she can swap out the look of her bag without ever having to swap the contents.

    Getting it direct can be expensive, but there are plenty of 2nd-hand retailers (such as craig’s list, amazon, e-bay, etc.) where you can get some great deals.

    Good luck! Have Fun!

  2. I agree and believe in making a fashion statement with phone cases or ipad covers. We offer an unique way approach to phone case fashion – customize your own from over 80 different premium grade leather colors and patterns.

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