Ah, the sweet sound of … little beeps in a hearing test

Value your sense of hearing enough to have it screened.

I had my hearing screened today by the Lions, and I am thankful I ranked in the normal range.

Some of us might take our hearing for granted. But I do not. My grandmother and my father both are hearing impaired and wear hearing aids. I see first-hand how much a person misses when they can’t hear.

A few of my favorite things to hear:

  • My nephews’ little boy voices. At 12, my sister’s oldest son is about to lose his little boy voice. But I remember him singing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” when he was three. It was beautiful. Fortunately, he has two younger brothers.
  • My stepson’s voice on the phone. After a rough year not too long ago, I’m thankful he’s talking to us at all. He’s a talker just like his father when he wants to be. He lives two states away, so the phone is a major connection. I love hearing about his day or his opinions or his frustrations.
  • My Beloved’s voice. As long as we covered little boys and young men, let’s address older men. My Beloved’s low tenor (or, in the morning, bass) is highly attractive. And while I could live without his snoring, but I adore listening to him breathe at night.
  • The high notes in any kind of music. It’s common to lose high frequency hearing first. Hey, there’s nothing like a good bass line, but most pieces are not complete without the treble clef.
  • Birds, frogs and the wind in the trees. Chirping, singing, calling, croaking, it’s all beautiful (especially right now in the warm weather). I can’t identify most birds at 10 paces and I wouldn’t touch a frog with a 10-inch stick, but I like how they sound. When it’s windy, I love falling asleep with the windows open. The sound of the wind in the trees lulls me to sleep.
  • National Public Radio. I would be lost without my informative talk radio especially in the mornings. I even run to it.

Today’s hearing screening was good news for me. If you’re interested in free hearing screening and you live in Illinois, check out the Lions of Illinois Foundation.

One response to “Ah, the sweet sound of … little beeps in a hearing test

  1. I am happy to hear this. Your sister thinks she has some hearing loss but does not check it out that I know about. Hearing is a gift to be valued highly.

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