Ah, technology making our lives easier (when it’s not making it harder)

Turn it off, turn it back on.

It’s always the first advice from any computer guru. “Have you turned it off and turned it back on yet?”

I’ve learned. Always turn it off and turn it back on before you even complain.

So last night I’m trying desperately to create a Facebook fan page for my husband’s fabulous insurance business. It looked great but I couldn’t make it public. It just would not show up to anyone but me, the administrator.

I pounded my head against the keyboard for three hours. By the time I could no longer keep my eyes open, I wanted to punch a hole through the wall.

No insights came to me overnight, so I finally resorted to the Great IT Solution. I permanently deleted the page and started over.

And guess what? There it is.

My Beloved is licensed in many states in the U.S. including Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin and Texas. Interested in a better deal on your home, auto or business insurance? Want to do business with someone who actually answers his own phone? Check out his new website here.

Want to see the magically disappearing and reappearing Facebook page? Do a search for “Axcess Insurance Services Group, Inc.” on Facebook and “like” it. Not only can you admire my fine social media marketing work, you’ll be privy to all my stellar and informative blog posts about insurance.

Enjoy. I’m just thrilled you can see it at all.

2 responses to “Ah, technology making our lives easier (when it’s not making it harder)

  1. Sorry, but the only ones I see are in Vegas.

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