The window in today’s corner office is a windshield

Today’s interesting statistic: 72% of the U.S. workforce is currently considered mobile.

I would be among that number. In my current position, I spend almost as much time in my car or away from my house as I do in my home office.

Long ago and far away, I had a position where I had an office with a window and a door. That was as pretty cool for a corporate minion. In the grand scheme of things, it didn’t mean much.

Then I graduated to an “open office,” where my desk was exactly the same as everyone else’s desks, and no one had walls or doors. Status came by proximity to the windows.

Then I moved to a home office. I’ve got a window and a door.

And janitor duty.

My employer pays for wear and tear on my car and the occasional printer cartridge but not much else.

I can see why 72% of us are mobile. We’re a lot cheaper that way.

And I can see my window really needs some Windex and elbow grease.

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