The recipe for a perfectly grilled steak

There’s a wrong way to cook a steak, a right way and the perfect way.

I enjoyed a steak grilled perfectly last night, and it was the most sublime hunk of beef in which I’ve ever indulged.

The wrong way to cook a steak is to overcook it. I don’t know why anyone eats beef cooked well done. If you don’t like blood, order a hamburger and save yourself and the chef the trouble.

The right way to cook a steak requires high heat, probably a meat thermometer and the patience to let the meat rest. For the right way to pan-sear a rib eye, check out Alton Brown’s recipe here.

My Beloved prefers grilling meat to other cooking methods, and he makes such a fabulous steak, I never order it when I’m dining out because it inevitably fails to measure up.

But his brother tried a new method of grilling beef yesterday, and the revelation delivered such an amazingly juicy piece of meat, any carnivore would drool. I don’t know why we didn’t think of it sooner since my Beloved cooks his pork chops this way (click here for that recipe).


Interested in trying it yourself?

Here’s the recipe:

Sideways Grilled Rib-Eye Steak

Invest in a custom cut of rib eye. Ask for it to be sliced 2-1/4 to 2-1/2 inches thick. You need it this thick so it’ll stand on its side by itself. You’ll probably pay around $25 for a chunk of meat this thick but know that at least two people can enjoy it.

Season with steak rub. The aptly named Steak Rub from World Market is pretty good.

Now sear the cut sides on high heat over a very hot grill. Flames may be involved. Douse with water if they get too high. Your goal is to simply cook the outside of the meat to seal in the juices.

Steak grilling on the side.

Reduce the heat of the grill and prop the steak on its side. This way, the fat will cook through the meat.

Cook to 140 degrees for medium rare. A meat thermometer is the best way to know for sure you’ve properly cooked it.

We added a slice of bleu cheese about 2 minutes before we removed it from the grill, but the cheese was almost superfluous.

Allow the meat to rest 4 or 5 minutes before diving in. Do not skip this step.

Thank the creature for his sacrifice, the butcher for his indulgence and the chef for his expertise. Serve and thoroughly enjoy.

Sideways Grilled Rib-Eye Steak with a baked sweet potato on the side.


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