Up in smoke and mirrors

Friends help friends move, so my Saturday included boxes, packing tape and a trip to the U-haul store to pick up a 17-foot truck. With a broken mirror.

When I looked into the glass and realized it was broken, I knew I had good subject matter for “distorted,” this week’s WordPress weekly photo challenge.

Actual unretouched photo

The pile in the green bag sitting in front of the house? That’s a Bagster filled with trash. The Bagster® bag is “a dumpster in a bag,” a Waste Management product designed to get rid of contained messes (and you thought there could be no innovation in the garbage industry).

Part of the distortion here is that all that stuff in the Bagster was once deemed necessary to make a home sweeter. Now it’s just a whole lot of unwanted junk.

Warning: Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.

3 responses to “Up in smoke and mirrors

  1. I like the frame within a frame. It takes a second to realize the surroundings are flipped sideways.

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