Road trips rock any time of year

We’re getting itchy here in Illinois.

We’ve made it all the way from Thanksgiving to March 1 without a vacation to sunnier climes.

Last year at this time, we had just arrived in Fort Myers, Fla., for a couple of weeks of spring training baseball games after spending seven weeks in McAllen, Texas, and then RVing our way around the Gulf of Mexico.

Thank goodness this winter has been as mild as it’s been because we might not have survived it otherwise given how we pretty much skipped it last year.

Still, despite 50-degree temps, we’re thinking about vacation.

We won’t be going anywhere soon (alas), but we talked tonight about what the year ahead holds for us. Napa Valley? Seattle, maybe?

Wherever we go domestically, I hope it involves four wheels. My favorite vacations are road trips.

About 15 year ago, I spent 10 days in October traveling from Minnesota to Cincinnati and back and stayed at a different bed & breakfast inn every night.

When my Beloved and I got married, we honeymooned in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and took a rental car west through Albuquerque, Gallup (check out the sights on the loop south of Gallup), the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam, ending up in Vegas. I distinctly remember enjoying a beer and pistachios after climbing a “mountain” and touring an ice cave south of Gallup. What fun.

I enjoying immersing myself in a region by seeing the distinctive sights, eating in different local restaurants and sleeping in different places.

Have a route to recommend? I’m all (itchy) ears.


One response to “Road trips rock any time of year

  1. Hearing that you have snow right now, I am sure you ARE itching for warmer climates!!! I know you’ve done the TX thing (you are always welcome in Big D!) Have you done the whole Charleston…southern plantation tour thing? I haven’t and would love to!

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