Race car fans pull a fast one

National Public Radio shares a cab with NASCAR — what do you get?

An interesting news story on how watching NASCAR races may contribute to aggressive driving. Find the story here.

Psychologist Guy Vitaglione’s research found a spike in aggressive driving accidents five days after NASCAR races in West Virginia — 650 extra accidents over a four-year period.

Could watching race car drivers influence regular drivers? I think so.

I watched hundreds of stock car races over the summer, and every time I left that race track to drive the curvy cross-county roads home, I had to remind myself: I’m not a race car driver.

And I’m a conservative female driver who rarely drives more than 9 miles over the speed limit (“Really, Officer, did I say, ‘rarely’? I meant ‘never.’)

Watching drivers stomp on the gas, speed up on curves and hip-check each other all night gets under your skin.

This totally validates my “garbage in, garbage out” theory, too. If you feed your brain with mindless pap or violence or foul language, you get mindless output or violent actions or expletive-laced language. The opposite can be true, too: Visualize success and behave successfully.

Now that I’ve shared today’s news, I’m off to watch “Survivor.” When reality TV goes in, what comes out?


One response to “Race car fans pull a fast one

  1. Da Hubby aka race car driver with trophies.

    As Woozbro racing team’s biggest fan, should I buy you a helmet to wear when I’m driving you around. Since that’s off the bucket list probably not, but I’ve still got the itch with the 2012 season approaching quickly. Sycamore? no more?

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