And the envelope please …

The Academy Awards wouldn’t be the Academy Awards without sealed envelopes and the anticipation of opening them.

So it is with sealed envelopes around here. Second only to meals, mail time is the high point of our day.

“Have you gotten the mail yet?”

“Has the mail man come?” (I know he’s a man, so I’m not being politically incorrect.)

But like the Oscars where it’s an honor just to be nominated, here’s the deal: To get mail, you have to send it.

Lori over at “Keep writing…keep writing…” wrote a beautiful tribute to the handwritten note and issued a challenge to herself to write a letter once a week (click here for that post).

Just one letter. Once a week.

I’m in. I already write my 96-year-old grandmother, send birthday cards and Valentines, and express condolences and congratulations in writing so it’s not too much of stretch for me. Maybe you’ll try it, too?

It won’t be like you’ll hear “and the Oscar goes to” at the end of the year but you might be whistling while you walk from the mailbox.


3 responses to “And the envelope please …

  1. For Lent, I am “taking something on” and am writing a handwritten letter to someone every day. I hope it will become a habit that I keep doing long after Lent is over!

  2. It is so important. Like reading real paper books. I have a Kindle but I also check out books from the library and buy books.

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