The jokes in my dreams must be much funnier than the ones in my blog

Laughing in one’s sleep is not a sleep disorder as far as my vast research on Google goes (first page, two entries), so I guess I’m fortunate.

It’s not restless legs syndrome, sleep apnea or night terrors, so we’ll chalk it up to being light-hearted. Whew.

But my Beloved wasn’t very happy to be awakened to my laughter at 4 a.m. this morning. When he woke me up, I tried to tell him why I was laughing and I only laughed harder. I was laughing so hard at 4 a.m. in the morning, I cried!

What was so funny?

In my dream, I was in an unfamiliar, ornate living room with an uncushioned sofa, and I was apparently arguing with the creator of the universe, because the punchline I remember was this:

“Jesus, you may be able to walk on water, but you can’t chew on that!”


I know. It’s not funny in the cold light of day. My Beloved didn’t appreciate it either.

But it was hilarious — and I mean bust-a-gut funny — at 4 a.m.

In my dreams.

4 responses to “The jokes in my dreams must be much funnier than the ones in my blog

  1. I dunno, I think this story was pretty funny =P I didn’t laugh out loud, but I quirked a smile and that’s saying something for the internet! hehe

  2. Actually it made me laugh.

  3. Reblogged this on Minnesota Transplant and commented:

    I’m reblogging this post from February 2013 in tribute to sleep: It’s this wonderful mysterious activity at which we spend 8 hours a day.

    I had two moments today when I experienced that blissed out feeling between sleep and wakefulness. You know that moment? When you’re aware of your surroundings but your body is still dream-paralyzed? I love it when that happens.

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