And the curtains parted and the heavens rejoiced

Who needs a stick when a remote control will do?

Like Moses dividing the Red Sea, my handy Beloved now can open the curtains with a stretch of his hand.

No blasphemy intended.

A couple of weeks ago, my Beloved installed remote control curtains in the master bedroom. Click here to read about the confusing instructions that came along with that eBay find.

In any case, he’s a smart guy and he figured out how to make the curtain track work. And he hung the curtains. And I ironed the curtains and he hung them again. Though darker than the former curtains, the new curtains still weren’t dark enough for his light-sensitive blue eyes, so he found some curtain liners on eBay, too.

Now, though, we had curtains and liners hanging on the same track. Would they still work?

Wanna see?

Indeed they do. (Ain’t YouTube grand?)


3 responses to “And the curtains parted and the heavens rejoiced

  1. I LOVED the harp music! Bahahahahaha!

  2. Lol… nice harp music accents ;D I love reading your blog. Keep up the good work.

  3. My favorite part? Chloe walking so stately to the end of the bench! Perfect!

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