I’ll try eating a lot strange things. But not that.

Adventurous eating gets my motor running. I feel sorry for people whose favorite restaurant is McDonald’s.

But even I have my limits.

My favorite section of the newspaper all week is the food section. My cupboard, filled with piles of recipes I’ve ripped from food sections over the years, is a testament to my fanaticism.

The Chicago Tribune’s food section, however, stymies me.

They call it the “Good Eating” section, and it usually lives up to its name. Today’s cover story is about dashi.

Yeah, I’ve never heard of it either. And I have two kinds of quinoa in my pantry.

Dashi, I learned, is a fragrant broth made from the pink petals of a dried Japanese fish.

Um, I don’t care about recipes using dashi. Like I could find dashi in Hampshire. Moving on.

Still, I can appreciate a newspaper telling me news about food, and a recipe for macaroni casserole probably doesn’t qualify as news.

A few pages later I found a recipe for Red Quinoa with Dried Fruit and Yogurt.

That one, I ripped out. I take after my mother that way. She made her own hamburger buns the other day, and homemade hazelnut biscotti. She’ll try anything.

But then Good Eating gets to this week’s “How to pair wine” column. Again, good information. Always helpful to know which wine to order in a restaurant or serve to guests.

Let’s see, which wine goes with this week’s recipe for Italian Burgers, essentially hamburgers with mozzarella cheese on top? Gotta be red.

California Zinfandel? Hmm, that sounds good. A Barolo from Italy? I think I’ve heard of that kind of wine before.

What’s this? The Chicago Tribune recommends a 2004 Tenimenti Angelini Brunello di Montalcino Vigna Spuntall from Tuscany, Italy. A sangiovese that costs …

Oh my gosh.

Wait for it.

A bottle costs $85 to $100.

First of all, I’ve never drank an $100 bottle of wine with any food. Ever.

But with a mozzarella cheese burger?

That is seriously over my head.

News flash, Chicago Tribune: People who can afford to drink $100 bottles of wine with their hamburgers aren’t ripping recipes out of the newspaper to make their own burgers.

You know which wine goes best with burgers?

Beer. Beer goes best with burgers.

One response to “I’ll try eating a lot strange things. But not that.

  1. Cheers to beer. It goes with everything.

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