Kitchen colors

Our home improvement project was minor, as far as home improvement projects go.

Have you seen “Renovation Realities” on DIY network? It’s a half-hour show about real-life remodeling projects, almost always gone wrong. Every episode starts with a demolition project (and usually ends with a mess).

Thank goodness we didn’t have to demolish anything. We just repainted.

As far as a kitchen redecorating project, there’s not a lot to redecorate if you don’t install new countertops, cabinets or appliances. Nope, the worst thing about the kitchen (or the worst thing we could afford to address about the kitchen) was the patches on the ceiling where we removed a hanging pot rack when we moved in four years ago.

Oh, and the closest we came to “remodeling” in this project was remudding a corner in the dinette nook.

Paint covers a multitude of sins.

Here are the before photos:

Dinette nook: Before.

Kitchen desk: Before.

We extended the Whispering Pine from the living room through two walls of the kitchen, and replaced the lampshade lighting fixture with something less country. On the back wall (or possibly front wall, depending on your perspective) of the kitchen, we chose Tin Lizzie — a muted purple — to cover the boring old yellow.

Dinette nook: After

Kitchen desk: After

Now we’re looking for a functional object d’art to mount over the doggie dishes, maybe some shelving. That, or we’re buying an industrial size stainless steel refrigerator topped with a custom cupboard and a marble countertop bar area.

Right. We’ll plan that when “Renovation Realities” calls us back.

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