Well, at least we know it’s solid

You know how heavy a dining room table is?

I do.

I moved ours tonight.

This is the same glorious dining room table that seated 11 on Christmas Day. I love this table. It’s ridiculously ornate, but the legs — removed — were surprisingly light. And the leaves were removed. Then we tried to pick up the table top.

Oh my gosh.

It reminded me of my upright grand piano. It is wildly unwieldy and weighed a ton (and I’m not exaggerating that much). I eventually paid experts to move it from place to place and finally left it at my sister’s house for a while. Or perhaps forever.

We’ll see.

Anyway, we awkwardly lugged the table top up the steps to store while we paint the dining room.

Here’s the dining room BEFORE:

You see those rugs? They’re for sale. Too much red for the new color scheme. And they’re not too heavy to move.

Make me an offer.

2 responses to “Well, at least we know it’s solid

  1. I hope you have a Happy New Year:) And have fun with the paint job:)

  2. Can’t wait to see the “after” pics! Happy New Year!!!!

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