Is Mother Nature taking her cues from us?

My Beloved claims you can credit him for the mild winter so far.

You see, he bought the world’s biggest snow blower in November. The few flakes we’ve seen here in northern Illinois barely required a broom, let alone a snow blower. Since he prepared, of course, it doesn’t snow.

My stepson, looking for a romantic outing with his sweetheart back in Minnesota  this week, planned to go skiing. Until the weather forecast predicted highs in the upper 30s. He was so disappointed.

Even I, the winter-hater who clings to the treadmill when the weather turns cold, have run or walked outside several times this month. Without complaint.

The Chicago Tribune today claimed the balmy December weather foreshadows a wet and mild winter (ironic, since I heard we were in for the mother of all winters earlier this season). Check out this line from the news story:

Even if the weather does break bad, the worst of winter can’t last more than another few months.

Oh, no. I hope the reporter knocked wood when he wrote that or we’ll all be in for a Mother’s Day blizzard.

One response to “Is Mother Nature taking her cues from us?

  1. Love this weather! Tell Tyler “thank you”. Hope he buys another snow blower again next year.

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