Sands of time … these are the days of our lives

As the second-hand is swinging past my last moments of my 44th year on earth, I’m going to consider my day the way I shall consider the year:

  • I shall dwell on the things I got done rather than the things I didn’t get done.
  • I shall worry less about how I’m late and more about the present moment.
  • I shall be grateful for the way my friends uplift me and try to be uplifting in return.
  • I shall not rue the wrinkles but rather rally the wisdom won by the wrinkles.

In the midst of the little party I threw for myself in the name of the “holidays” (my birthday tomorrow qualifies as a holiday), the neighbor children wearing bonnets and top hats rang the doorbell and sang Christmas carols on my porch. As I swallowed the bite of cake I made for myself, I swallowed a lump in my throat, too, as I was surrounded by friends and neighbors and music and joy.

The last consideration I shall muse upon is this: If no one throws a party for you, throw a party for yourself and spread the joy around.

2 responses to “Sands of time … these are the days of our lives

  1. Your little birthday/Christmas gathering tonight for us crazy for Christ girls was so special! Thank you for having us over to celebrate the day the world was blessed with your arrival. You are an amazing woman and I love being around you! May your birthday tomorrow be enlightening and delightful just like you! Merry Christmas!

  2. You and Jesus share a birthday week. Its nice to know you enjoy yous and not find it a nuisance coinciding with the bigger birthday as many do. Happy Day.

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