Halloween greetings in the bag

September passed by like a fast-moving rainstorm (and believe me, we’ve got the mud to prove it), and here it is: October.

I went to my card making class yesterday, and then spent today watching the Bears devour the panthers while making Halloween cards.

Since I live too far away from some of my favorite little monsters in the world for them to trick-or-treat at my door, I send them Halloween cards. Here’s this year’s message:

The “treat” has yet to be determined, but the card is a unique combination of old Creative Memories tools and new Stampin’ Up supplies (not that I have anything against new Creative Memories supplies and old Stampin’ Up tools, it’s just not the way my closet of creativity is put together right now).

Besides the Halloween cards, I made some cute birthday cards, but some of the people celebrating birthdays this month actually read this blog, so I won’t be posting those masterpieces.

Here’s to Q4!

2 responses to “Halloween greetings in the bag

  1. Those are totally cute! I love that all the letters for Halloween are halloween-esque shapes 🙂 I think the witch’s boots are my favorite.

  2. I love the card! I’m soaking up lots of crafty inspiration at the moment, and your card is great 🙂 And I definitely agree that September seemed to just fly by…couldn’t believe that the end of the month arrived so soon and now we’re in October…wow.

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