A great day for a run, blue sky and sunshine

Basketball doesn’t have PRs.

I played basketball in junior high solely because I was tall. Tall girls played basketball, that’s just the way it was. That I was completely uncoordinated and unmotivated, that’s besides the point.

There’s no I in team, it’s said, and basketball is a team sport. So it wasn’t a stat to track, scoring more baskets than one did the last time.

But in running, oh, it’s all different. Winning is great, sure, but that’s probably for the Kenyans among us. The way to track progress in running is by the holy grail of the PR: Personal Record.

I didn’t get a personal record in today’s St. John’s Oktoberfest 5K.

But I could have.

That’s the lure of the race. Even if a runner has no chance whatsoever of beating the high school cross-country runner who weighs 90 pounds soaking wet, a runner has a chance of getting a PR.

Now hear these excuses: I didn’t train for it. I ran yesterday when I should have rested. I forgot the race was today until 10 a.m. yesterday when a flyer in the drug store reminded me, oh, yeah, today’s the day for the Oktoberfest 5K.

But I showed up anyway. I ran. I earned a time of 29:08.

I’ll take that over a basketball game any day.

2 responses to “A great day for a run, blue sky and sunshine

  1. Since I have YET to make a 5k my priority, I’m impressed that you showed up and you did it! I’ve got this little voice (who I think I’ll blog about today) lol, inside of me who keeps telling me I’m not ready yet. She runs her mouth louder whenever my legs get tired on the running trail. Lately I’ve gotten better at shutting her up. The longer my distance the better I feel.
    You and others like you (and me) out there doing it are an inspiration!

    Thank you!

  2. Way to go! That’s why I swim (when I can afford a gym membership to a place that has a pool). The only person I’m competing against is myself.

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