We capitulated: We’re back on the TV grid

The Great No-Cable Experiment has ended.

We dumped Dish Network in January when the company that leaves no money-making stone unturned demanded a monthly rental fee for the equipment that had been in our house for nearly four years; we had wanted to suspend service for three months while we were RVing it down south and restart when we returned. My Beloved told them they could keep their expletive equipment, and we left for Texas. We saved $75 a month, added a few DVDs to our Netflix queue and happily enjoyed less celebrity news and pace-quickening weather reports.

When we returned in March, the only thing we missed from network TV was baseball. OK, I was the only one missing baseball. So I subscribed to mlb.com for $25 a month — still a deal.

But then the millionaires  in charge at the NFL decided to kiss and make up, and the NFL doesn’t offer games via the internet. My Beloved started hyperventilating when he realized he couldn’t see his Bears every weekend unless he made a sojourn to the neighbor’s garage.

And Netflix, taking a page from Dish Network’s handbook on “How To Squeeze Every Last Cent from Your Consumers,” raised its rates and co-mingled … or merged … or morphed with Quickster. Buh-bye, whatever you’re calling yourself.

So now we’ve gotten into bed with DirecTV, which has yet to betray us (it’s probably coming, I know). Yesterday, DirecTV installed their equipment, and now my Beloved gets NFL Sunday Ticket — which includes all the NFL games — for “free.” We got a smokin’ deal, thanks to a referral from my brother-in-law, so at $40 a month, we’re still paying less than we did to Dish Network. My husband asked why he has to put up with commercials on television for which he’s paying. Why? This is America and Americans are capitalists, that’s why!

Alas, after a nine-month hiatus, we discovered last night that even with 240 channels, there’s still nothing on TV.

5 responses to “We capitulated: We’re back on the TV grid

  1. Too funny! We really did admire you guys for the ‘no cable’ thing, but we too (after about a YEAR of deliberation) succeeded to DirecTV, with a smokin’ deal! The way I see it, my Internet TV options will be much broader in two years when my contract with them has ended! Take care!

  2. DirecTV for us too. What is amazing is how many times each month Charter is sending us ‘deals’ to win us back. If only they would have shown that much interest before we dropped them. What’s that adage: it costs less to retain customers than to try and win new ones?

  3. I enjoyed reading your blog, thanks for the heads up on Linked In. I can relate, I have been hoping to ditch the cable for Internet TV. I can’t convince the family to take the leap… To me, you get to watch what you want to watch, when you want to watch it.

    • minnesotatransplant

      Glad you found me Dave! Whatever you do, don’t make the leap to internet TV now if there are football fans in your house!

  4. Well I only have Netflix, well I guess I only have Quikster since I am going to cancel the streaming. We have plain old commercial TV, no cable, no dish, no direct. After reading your sojourn, I might consider Directv but maybe I will wait and see what they decide to charge you just before the world series and the superbowl.

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