Check out Ko-Zs Cupcakery & Cafe for meals and sweets that can’t be beat

Find Ko-Zs Cupcakery & Cafe at 601 Second St. S. in Waite Park, Minn.

Soup is one of my favorite indulgences in the autumn.

And chocolate. Just one of my favorite indulgences. Any time.

You can find both at Ko-Zs Cupcakery & Cafe, my friend’s new restaurant in the heart of retail-rich Waite Park, Minn.

Barb and I worked together at my most recent place of employment, and this much I know for sure: She’s a foodie with a passion for quality. She recently took over management of Ko-Zs Cafe and added a line of truly sublime cupcakes. When the economy is bleak and jobs rare, you have to root for every courageous small business owner like Barb who’s willing to take a chance.

Ko-Zs boasts of soups, sandwiches, salads and sweets. Just about every item on the menu is made to order right on premises so it’s a little like placing an order at the kitchen table and having Mom fix it for you.

Barb’s cupcakes are superlative. I had the chance of dining at a number of cupcake shops with her when she was doing market research, and she’s got some real doozies:

  • The Sweet Mariah is named for Barb’s sweet-tempered daughter (I love you, Mariah!). It’s a Madagascar vanilla cupcake filled with vanilla whipped cream, topped with pink vanilla buttercream icing, a dollop of whipped cream and confetti sprinkles.
  • Chocolate! Chocolate! is a cocoa-lover’s dream, and it deserves the exclamation points. It’s a dark chocolate cupcake filled with chocolate ganache, topped with chocolate mousse and sprinkled with chocolate sprinkles.
  • If you like a caramel with your chocolate, try the Chocolate Toffee cupcake, filled with luscious caramel and topped with chocolate ganache and toffee pieces.

The atmosphere is laid back — no one is shouting your name over the sound system — and an inviting little nook features a fireplace.

If you live in St. Cloud, by all means, stop by for lunch or dinner. They cater, too. Bookmark the website at, become a fan on Facebook at Ko-Z’s Cupcakery & Cafe and follow Ko-Zs on Twitter at KoZsCafe.

“One restaurant is the basic fundamental business unit in this country,” Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain said during the debate last night. If you live in the St. Cloud area, stop by Ko-Z’s Cupcarkery & Cafe to support a better economy and get a yummy meal at the same time.

5 responses to “Check out Ko-Zs Cupcakery & Cafe for meals and sweets that can’t be beat

  1. What a fun post! It made me smile to read it…I hope Barb has “sweet” success with it!

  2. This is awesome Barb!! So happy for you! Hugs, Denise

  3. Can’t wait…..and I bet I live the closest….only about 50 miles!!! Woo hoo can’t wait for my next trip up there to shop and eat!!!! Good job Minnesota Transplant! And Barb….I will be seeing you soon!!!

  4. Looks yummy:)

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