Cool gizmo

Long ago … like, last year … people gathered around to watch the TV in the evenings, but now we’re watching the computer.

We cancelled our Dish Network in January when they refused to put us on hiatus for 12 weeks while we were traveling down south. Dish Network insisted we pay a $15 a month charge for “equipment rental.” This was a rental charge for equipment that had been in our house for 3-1/2 years, mind you, and which we would have been using again upon our return.

My Beloved told them to take a hike and we packed everything up and sent it back, saving us more than $75 a month.

Upon our return, we had no cable and no satellite.

But we did have our computer, conveniently routed through our big-screen television in our living room.

You’d be amazed at all the television shows you can watch online, including “Survivor” and “Celebrity Apprentice.”

I am even seriously considering anteing up $25 a month for so I can watch all the Twins baseball games without having to wait for them to play in Chicago and listen to the annoying Chicago announcers!

In order to make this work, you need to have a computer in the living room, which isn’t optimal if the only place to put the keyboard is on the room’s only foot stool.

Ah, but you can solve for that, too.


Hand-held Rii mini is the "perfect keyboard, touch, laser pointer combination."

A fun new toy arrived in the mail today: The Rii mini, “the world’s most mini wireless keyboard mouse presenter combo.” It’s no bigger than a remote control, and while we wouldn’t type a letter on it, it does well to type “” and move the screen cursor to “Enter.”


The copy editor in me was amused by the made-in-China promotional copy on the box: “Portable, elegant & lifestyle choice!” and “Perfect control PC entertainment features.” But the technical guys did better than the packaging copy writer because it works great. And it cost only $37 including shipping — half the Dish Network for a single month!


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