To the victor goes the blanket

It’s not a brand new car or an all-expenses-paid trip to Australia, but it’s pretty sweet nonetheless.

I won a quilt!

When we were staying at Llano Grande Resort in Texas in January, I attended a quilt show at the behest of my mother-in-law, who was volunteering for the quilt club. It was a masterful event with hundreds of quilts and quilted items on display and more than 1,000 attendees.

Having worked for a company that’s convinced scrapbooking by hand is a dying art, I am amazed at quilting. Almost no one needs to make quilts anymore when machine-made blankets are cheap and widely available, yet women everywhere spend a great deal of time and money making beautiful one-of-a-kind creations.

My 96-year-old grandmother made dozens upon dozens of quilts in her lifetime so I know just enough about it to know it requires an artist’s eye, geometric acumen and lots of dedication. I made a few quilted potholders once, long ago, but my dedication ended there.

At the Llano Grande quilt show, I saw many intricate and creative designs. I also spent $1 on a raffle ticket for a quilt. Who doesn’t have a dollar to donate to a good cause?

A few weeks later, I got a call from a woman with the Llano Grande Quilting Bee, congratulating me on winning! Me? I won? Well, thank you!

The quilt arrived today, and it looks beautiful in my bedroom. According to the applique on the back of the quilt, the design is “Stars Over Llano,” pieced by the quilting bee and machine quilted. The pillows my mother made for a previous bedspread match perfectly.

The stars in the sky over Llano Grande were indeed beautiful in that big Texas sky. What a lucky girl I am!

4 responses to “To the victor goes the blanket

  1. It’s gorgeous! How cool to win.

  2. It’s beautiful! It looks great on your bed too. Lucky you. I think I will make a copy of this blog to give to Grandma Laura.

  3. Awesome….what a surprise!! It does look great on your bed.

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