Wine to look forward to

A glass of wine at the end of the day is like a cup of coffee at the beginning of it: I look forward to it.

Coffee represents “beginning,” “energy” and “get to work” to me. I enjoy the feel of a hot cup in my hand in the morning, the smell of the coffee as I sip.

Wine means “work is done,” “time to relax” and “savor your dinner.” I linger over a glass of vino in ways I cannot do with a cup of coffee.

While I may be a coffee snob (beans must be fresh ground, preferably from Costa Rica and please, in the name of all that is tasteful, Folgers belongs in a can — a trash can), I prefer my wine to be cheap and domestic. Please pass the California wines — mass-produced and plentiful and oftentimes sealed with a screw-top.

My Beloved and I tried an Italian Barolo on New Year’s Eve. At $40 a bottle, it was an expensive splurge for the two of us, who enjoy finding good $3 bottles at Costco (seriously, we have found wine we like very much for $3 a bottle!). The Barolo was not worth it — I could have had four decent California reds at that price (though I don’t think I would have been greeting the new year until Jan. 2 if I had consumed two bottles).

Zinfandel is too sweet, and I do not like oaky Chardonnays. The tannins in Cabernet Sauvignon are not my … um … cup of tea, but I rarely meet a Riesling, a Chianti or a Shiraz I don’t like.

It’s time to unwind. Time for a glass of wine. Tonight, it will be a Shiraz from a vineyard named Origin. This time, it’s not domestic — it’s from southeastern Australia — but it cost $3.96 a bottle at Jewel. Oh, yeah!

What are you toasting with?

10 responses to “Wine to look forward to

  1. I love a good, inexpensive bottle of wine! I will rarely spend more than $15, and even less if it’s just for everyday sipping. Have you tried Estancia’s Meritage? It’s a very well-balanced blend.

  2. Put me down for a Reisling anytime!

  3. I love a good inexpensive bottle myself. If it has been a really bad day though, I can be known to pass up the wine for a rum and Coke.

  4. Richard is into wine-making now. We had some pretty good (chokecherry-based) stuff sat his home last night. It wasn’t too sweet or too dry and had no yeasty aftertaste either. We encouraged him to continue. I, too, like cheap wine.

  5. My personal favorite is Principato Rosato which is “almost” exclusively served at Olive Garden restaurants. It is not too sweet or too harsh. When the opportunity arises, stop up and have some with us.

  6. I can so relate to this post…my sentiments exactly. A great inexpensive red is Menage Trois! Love it! 🙂

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