Adversity, I laugh at you!

Laugh at the ironic. This is one way to deal with absurdity when you’re faced with a bad situation. Laugh.

Compared to some of the alternatives (scream, cry, crawl in a hole, plot revenge), it seems like a reasonable approach. A strong one, even.

With that in mind, my friend gave me these tea bags for my birthday. The tag on this particular tea bag says:

“A woman is like a teabag. You don’t know her strength until she is in hot water.”

— Nancy Reagan

One response to “Adversity, I laugh at you!

  1. Truer words may not have been written, dear friend! I have had to laugh a LOT lately rather than cry and I have found that it really does work!!!!! May you have much laughter in your future…but laughter just for the funny and happy and not just in the face of adversity! LOVE you!

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