A messy desk transformed into a clean slate


I spent New Year’s Day mucking out my home office. Gone is a pile of dusty magazines from 2008, and my files now have folders for 2011. The reminders and inspirational quotes on my bulletin board might even remind me of things and inspire me.

Now I can get to work.


8 responses to “A messy desk transformed into a clean slate

  1. Would you like to come and do mine now? Please?

  2. Rebecca Gengler

    Remember when we did our office talk 2 years ago?
    You know, it is hard to imagine your desk looking like mine (a smear of papers).
    I call it the mayonaisse effect. It just keeps smearing and sometimes so smeared that it can slide right off the desk and then I have a bigger mess (and I hope that the important papers don’t slide in the shred pile). LOL.

  3. The “before” picture reminds me of our apartment in college! Bahahahahah! Now, I want to see a picture of your office in 3 months! (Actually, I got rid of a ton of Bon Appetite magazines from 1997 this summer – so I’m right there with you!)

  4. I love the what the urge to organize and clean does for us at the beginning of the year! I’ve cleaned out two closets and the playrooom (a major task on its own), and putting away the final Christmas decorations today. I love my holiday decor, but I also LOVE the plain-ness of nothing but the everyday stuff. It’s a calming relief to me after the busyness and overload of the holidays.

  5. WOW! Good for you! Doesn’t it feel so nice to go in there now? Love how good it feels to have everything organized and cleaned. It’s a bit addictive for my OCD personality.

  6. Good job, daughter! We’re proud of your accomplishment!

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