Oh, what fun it is

A few unique ways to celebrate the season:

  • I woke up this morning, the day after winter solstice, and announced the following to my Beloved: “Today is a special day because it’s all downhill from here — every winter day from now on will be longer!”
  • My neighbor down the street corralled her brood and cajoled them into organizing all their toys. I thought this was a great idea three days before Christmas — to sort, store and possibly give away some toys in preparation for all the new ones at Christmas.
  • A long distance friend on Facebook announced she had been the recipient of a Christmas Jar, and she encouraged her friends to google the concept, which I did and found a delightful way to make a charitable contribution without the bureaucratic middleman and with the certainty that you’re helping someone you really believe needs it. Check it out … http://www.christmasjars.com/index.html
  • There’s nothing like soup to warm the soul when it’s cold outside. I made a big pot of Homemade Gourmet Chicken and Rice Creme Soup. Yum!
  • The neighbors across the street stopped by with Christmas carols and a plate of cookies. What made their performance beautiful was that, with 11 or 12 children, they truly sounded like a choir! They were so cheerful and merry!
  • I’m wrapping up my last day on earth as a 43-year-old by writing a blog post and enjoying a cup of creamy pumpkin spice coffee. Can’t slow time down, but I can savor it.

3 responses to “Oh, what fun it is

  1. So the hubby did get some Christmas cookies! We went carolling last night too and found it more rewarding for us than the recipients I think.

  2. P.S. I will always remember people at the hospital where you were born carolling in the halls while I was in labor–better than painkillers!

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