Crowning moment of awesome

In the Halloween spirit: King Henry VIII.

Yesterday’s quiz question: What do you get when you combine a terry blanket, a pair of long johns with holes, a woman’s fake fur coat, a tablecloth, a shower curtain from Goodwill and a man’s T-shirt?

Answer: Vestments fit for a king — King Henry VIII, to be precise.

Tyler’s mother, a whiz with a sewing machine, picked up a bunch of suitable materials at Goodwill and elsewhere, to create his costume this year, based entirely from this googled image. The top of the sleeves and cloak brocade are from the shower curtain; the long johns were perfect for the bottom of the sleeves. The fur coat — hot glued to the edges — made an impressive trim for the cloak. We found some bling at the Halloween store; tights (the second year in a row my Beloved has donned tights for Halloween) and gold spray painted Crocs finished the ensemble.

"Off with her head!"

The inspiration for Tyler’s costume came from a green velvet-like Renaissance dress my mother sewed for me 10 years ago. If you don’t know your English history, King Henry VIII married six times and did away with two of them by beheading them. I dressed as wife No. 2, Anne Boleyn — complete with a neck gash in tribute to Halloween’s gore.

Parading around as king and queen was fun. The Three Musketeers, whom we encountered at the local pub, promised their undying loyalty. Thanks to our neighbors for giving us the opportunity act regal (or goofy, as the case may be) at their self-described half-assed Halloween party.

Happy Halloween! Long live the king (and queen and their seamstresses)!

7 responses to “Crowning moment of awesome

  1. Amazing looks absolutely awesome. I saw your first post this morning when I got up (uk) and this is incredible, but then would expect nothing less from you!
    Take care and party like crazy

  2. You even have the beautiful hands like Anne Bolyn reportedly had. I have even read she had 6 fingers on one hand so that is why she wore the sleeves which partially covered her hands in all her gowns. The costumes are terrific and I’m sure you both carried them off with panache!

  3. It’s funny that Karen mentions your beautiful hands because as I looked at the picture, that is what I noticed too! Tyler looks awesome! I wish I half the creativity of Tylers mother – FANTASTIC costumes!

  4. LOVE the costumes! I have to say I did not notice your hands…just your overall look and thought you do look very “regal”….royalty becomes you!

  5. Love the idea — love the time period!!! Have you read _The Other Boleyn Girl_ and that series? Good stuff!

    • minnesotatransplant

      Funny you should ask. A friend lent me the book, but it’s been sitting in my bookcase for about 6 months. I’ve moved it up in the priority list — coming right up!

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