Sweet bit of lightness and love

I’m hosting my book club/Bible study tonight, and I wanted to give everyone a treat in honor of Halloween. Something witchy didn’t seem quite appropriate, and I was already serving dark chocolate cherry brownies, so a piece of candy wasn’t right either.

But I found something perfect in my gift closet:

I had some sample boxes and tea lights leftover from an aborted attempt at peddling Gold Canyon candles. Serendipitously, the boxes were orange and the candles came in scents like caramel ginger strudel and toffee drizzled popcorn. With a few Creative Memories supplies, I printed out a verse and stuck it to the inside box cover:

Lord, when doubts fill my mind,
when my heart is in turmoil,
quiet me and give me
renewed hope and cheer.

~ Psalm 94:19 TLB

Thanks, Stefanie, for inspiring me with the verse!

Even if you don’t have the die-cut candle box, you could make a cute little token by sticking a tea light on a little bit of folded construction paper. It might be a nice gift to a special adult who doesn’t get to go trick-or-treating on Sunday. It’s a sweet thought — and no calories! 

3 responses to “Sweet bit of lightness and love

  1. What a fun idea!!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Wonderful idea! I know just the person or persons whom I wish to give this to.

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