Just when we thought we were through with this microwave …

The microwave saga continues.

And you regular readers thought I was done with this story. Ha!

Last fall, I told you how much I missed my beautiful Advantium oven when the latch was awaiting repair. For that post, click here: https://minnesotatransplant.wordpress.com/2009/10/22/microwave-meltdown/

Then, last month, I lamented spending money to repair that latch because the “magnatron” broke. For that lament, click here: https://minnesotatransplant.wordpress.com/2010/02/02/boughtworst/

We purchased a replacement microwave oven that, alas, only microwaves. No more convection cooking. But we simply couldn’t afford to buy a new convection oven.

My enterprising husband who knows how to make the most of eBay decided to sell the broken Advantium for parts. The ad clearly identified the magnatron as being broken and still, four or five people bid against each other to get it (ain’t eBay amazin’?). It sold for $107.50. Not quite enough to pay for the replacement microwave, but a tidy sum nonetheless. And the recipient also agreed to pay $45 to have it shipped to him.

My Beloved wisely saved the box in which the microwave arrived (he bought the new microwave on the internet, too, of course), and packed the broken Advantium inside it, well cushioned. He sent it off, trusting the guys at Brown to deliver it safely. Though some eBay sellers actually profit from shipping fees, my Beloved paid $44.50 to ship the heavy Advantium to the recipient — no profit there. He didn’t insure it because, of course, it was garbage to begin with.

It was damaged in shipping.

Of course.

The recipient described the damage thusly: “Door is broken and mounting plate is bent.” According to my Beloved, the guys at Brown must have dropped it off the back of the truck for it to sustain such damage.

Dang. My Beloved had to refund the recipient’s $107.50 and the $45 shipping. So, now we’re out our clever profit from selling garbage. And after all we spent fixing latches and servicing magnatrons, we paid Brown $44.50 to completely destroy it.

And, Brown is shipping it back.

So we’ll have to figure out how to throw it away (and probably pay for that, too).

Stay tuned, though. The saga still isn’t over. Insurance or no, my Beloved will be strong-arming Brown into some sort of reimbursement. We’ll see if he has any success. Though it’s more likely he will slip on the sidewalk in front of the UPS location and rack up some medical bills.

That’s the luck surrounding this microwave oven.

One response to “Just when we thought we were through with this microwave …

  1. Wow I have sold close to 100 items on Ebay and consider that insurance is the responsibility of the buyer. If they choose not to buy it then it is their risk. If you have a disagreement over it with the buyer the worst that can happen is a bad review which you can respond to and explain.

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