Quinoa: Different, but not too weird

Have you tried quinoa yet?

It’s a high-protein grain, sort of the consistency of couscous (which probably doesn’t help some of you, but imagine tiny al dente pellets of pasta). It’s pronounced keen-waa, and sometimes it’s tough to find in the supermarket — try the health foods aisle.

It cooks up in chicken broth in about 15 minutes, and I like it warm, on salads. You’ll like it for the texture, but the flavor is rather bland (easy to take for super tasters).

I liked it so much, I ate the same salad two days in a row this week. Let’s call it …

Quinoa Salad

Start with chopped romaine lettuce, chopped cucumber, sliced green onion and halved cherry tomatoes. Top with a bit of corn (which I also warm up a bit in the microwave) and diced avocado. Spread a third to a half cup warm, cooked quinoa on top and sprinkle with feta cheese (or shredded Monterrey jack if you prefer) and pumpkin seeds. Pour vinaigrette over the whole thing (I like Newman’s Own sun-dried tomato vinaigrette).

Good and good for you. Try it!

One response to “Quinoa: Different, but not too weird

  1. I am experimenting with quinoa this week. fell in love with it a year ago but haven’t been able to develop a product using it…yet! this sounds like a delish recipe…so will have to try it!!

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