Not quite following the master design on this season of ‘Project Runway’

I don’t know what wrong with Nina and Michael this season. There ain’t no accountin’ for taste.

It’s the fourth week of the new season of “Project Runway” and all predictability has gone out the sewing room.

It’s like the film editors are splicing bits together like the designers stitch together pieces of fabric from the floor, and the judges’ comments don’t actually match the fashions on which they’re commenting. Maybe Lifetime is making Nina Garcia and Michael Kors uncomfortable.

I like Amy, and she won this week with that flowy, ethereal number which made sense to me. But Anna’s flesh and red dress this week was horrible compared to Jesus’ tacky little rhinestone turn. And yet, Jesus was gone.

But Ping was awful, right from the beginning, and she didn’t get dumped until Week 3.

Jesse’s stuff is strange, and why in the world does he wear a hat over that beautiful full head of hair? And they’re obviously keeping Anthony around for his humorous analogies, not his fashion sense.

I have no one audience for these opinions at home since Tyler has no interest in haute couture and Caswell makes fun of anyone who behaves in a manner even remotely gay.

So, who are you rooting for?

One response to “Not quite following the master design on this season of ‘Project Runway’

  1. I’ve missed it two weeks in a row but I thought Ping should have been gone in week two, so I am looking forward to thus week’s episode.

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