Remember back in October, I mentioned my Advantium microwave needed repairs?

Yes, I’m sure your worlds revolve around my microwave stories. Somehow, microwave meltdowns don’t draw as much traffic as say, “I washed my iPod,” one of my top performing posts last year.

Anyhow, here you are, reading another microwave story.

We had the microwave repaired back in October. Turns out, it was a latch. Cost of repairs ran in the vicinity of, oh, about $125.

Still, that was a lot cheaper than a replacement convection microwave, so while I wasn’t exactly happy, it could have been worse.

“It could have been worse.”

You hear that phrase a lot when things are really bad and nothing else makes you feel any better. “Well, the house burned down, but it could have been worse — the dog made it out alive.” Or, “Yeah, the dog died, but she lived a good life. It could have been worse.” Or, “Well, she wasn’t even house-trained yet, so at least I didn’t waste any time on that project. It could have been worse.”

Well, anyway, with the microwave, it could have been worse.

In this case, I really wish it had been worse. I wish the microwave repairman had said, “We can put a new latch in this thing, but honestly, most microwaves last 9 years, and you’ve gotten your fair share out of this one. Better to replace it now than sink more money into it.”

Because that would have been the truth. If the microwave repairman had been a fortune teller, too, that is.

The microwave quit working again last week with the same symptoms as had occurred last October. So this time, we paid for a house call rather than go to the trouble of removing it from its nest on the wall.

Same symptoms, different problem. The “magnatron” or something like that is shot. Could replace it for, oh, about $225. Probably not worth it (now he tells me). And by the way, ma’am, that’ll be $100 for the house call.

Cough. Cough.

So now I paid $125 in October for a new latch and $100 in January for a house call. Could not have bought a convection microwave for that amount, but could have bought a standard, garden-variety microwave.

Could have been worse.

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