Get your carpets cleaned without being taken to the cleaners

I got a smokin’ hot deal on carpet cleaning today.

In this economy, I suspect carpet cleaners are suffering. I think people who don’t have a lot of money put off things like cleaning the carpets.

But we put it off long enough, and the carpet cleaner offered to come over for a free estimate. This gentleman cleaned our carpets when we moved in two and half years ago, so we were offered the 15% off repeat customer discount.

He showed up at 10 a.m., and I had forgotten I had made the appointment. I was clothed, but I hadn’t brushed my teeth or my hair when I answered the front door. (When this sort of thing happens to me, I remind myself that the people I encounter surely must have seen worse. Surely!)

He walked through the house with me (which was strewn with various detritus of living) and told me he’d have an estimate in a few minutes, and then they’d be ready to go.

Gulp? He meant to clean the carpeting today.

I panicked briefly.

He told me he’d help pick stuff up on the floors, and he and his associate would move the furniture for me.

For $450, he and his associate cleaned almost all the carpeted floors in the house, and he did a fabulous job on the high traffic areas. And he was done in less than three hours. Well, $450 wasn’t as good as the $200 it might have cost me to do it myself, but it wasn’t as expensive as $700 either, and I got almost every square foot of carpeting done. I was happy.

With Cas at school, Tyler and I tiptoed around the house, and it was all pretty much dry in three or four hours.

So, if you live near Hampshire, consider calling 5 Star Carpet Cleaning to clean your carpets. Now’s the time to do it before entertaining for Christmas or a great way to start the year on the right foot.

And if you don’t live near Hampshire but you need your carpets cleaned, check out a local service provider. You might get a good deal!

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