Microwave meltdown

The average lifespan of a microwave oven is 9 years.

Tyler found this stat online today as he was looking for repair instructions for our microwave oven of approximately … 9 years in age.

It came with the house, and it’s the sort of delightful oven I would never have bought on my own. It’s one of those Advantium ovens that both microwaves and offers convention baking. It makes delicious crispy chicken tenders in about 5 minutes, pops popcorn with one button and heats water to boiling in just over 2 minutes.

The microwave part of the oven suddenly quit working. Put food in. Punch appropriate buttons. Wait prescribed time. Food still cold.

Like all good overstuffed suburban homes, there’s a backup. I hauled the standard, college-dorm-room-variety microwave up from the basement so I can heat the water for my coffee and reheat my leftovers.

Tyler took the Advantium apart, checked out, oh, about a hundred websites (this is the handyman’s approach to repair nowadays; in the past he’s found videos on dissembling and reassembling iPods). He pinpointed the possible malfunction and drove 40 miles round trip for a $10 part only to find … nope, that’s not it.

Then he consulted the internet for replacement microwaves. Of course, it’s not your typical microwave oven, and predictably, this one will take $400-$600 to replace.

It now sits in the back of the Durango, awaiting a trip to the microwave doctor ($45 just to look at it). There’s a gaping gray hole above my stove to remind me of its absence.

Get well soon, little Advantium!

2 responses to “Microwave meltdown

  1. Now is when you should be thanking me for leaving 2 microwaves in your garage!

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