My United States travels, Part 1

I’m going on a vacation soon, and it causes me to reflect on my travels. I have visited over half of the 50 United States — 34 to be exact. Over the next few days, I shall offer a few suggestions for those of you who travel, too. Please comment with your suggestions, especially for states I have not yet visited.

Let’s go in alphabetical order. Because it makes me want to sing the “state song,” which I learned from my sister when I was a child. “Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut (breath)  …”

Alabama: I observed a focus group for my former employer in Montgomery, Alabama, many years ago, and I remember visiting a very nice art museum.

Alaska: Nope.

Arizona: Tyler and I drove through Arizona on our honeymoon last year, stopping at the Grand Canyon. One of the seven natural wonders of the world. Don’t miss it. (Sedona is also picturesque.)

Arkansas: No.

California:San Diego is one of the most perfect places on earth — beautiful weather every day, beautiful beaches, beautiful people. When you can avoid California’s traffic, you understand why so many people have flocked to California.

Colorado: One of the best incentive trips I ever had the opportunity to participate in was at Beaver Creek, Colorado, in June. Instead of skiing, we enjoyed majestic mountain views, horseback rides, jeep trail riding (with a picnic at the top of the mountain) and evening bon fires.

Connecticut: No.

Delaware: I don’t think so.

Florida: I’ve been to every major city in Florida, it seems, at one time or another, but my favorite is Fort Myers in March, when the Minnesota Twins are playing spring training games. Fans can see a game up close in near perfect sunshiny weather. Nothing better.

Georgia: Atlanta, home of Coco-Cola and CNN. Savannah is a wonderful old southern city to stroll around in — I visited it on a day-trip once. Very interesting shops and restaurants. I also visited a pretty believable fortune teller there.

Tomorrow, Hawaii through Maryland.

One response to “My United States travels, Part 1

  1. When we drove through Georgia with the 5th wheel, we noticed that a road would change names at random (very confusing when trying to follow a new road and find something. We visited a butterfly farm there which was beautiful. The 8 -lane hiway through Atlanta was very scarey when pulling the 5th wheel at rush hour.

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