Enjoying harvest meals

I’ve been eating like a queen this week.

I came home from my mother’s house earlier this week with tons of fresh raspberries and vegetables. While in Minnesota, we also made a stop at Morey’s Fish House in Motley and picked up some smoked salmon.

So for supper on Tuesday night, I enjoyed fresh broccoli and kohlrabi and mashed red potatoes, all from Mom’s garden and supposedly picked by my nephew Logan. Kohlrabi is a “cultivated cabbage whose stem above ground swells into an edible, bulblike formation.” After peeling and slicing, I steamed it and added butter. Nothing better.

For supper last night, I enjoyed smoked salmon spaghetti with fresh peas and mint (the butter, feta cheese and sour cream in threw in for a sauce was delish). The mint was from “my” garden, which is responsibly tended by my Beloved.

For breakfast today, it was fresh raspberries and a zucchini-and-tomato frittata.

For lunch today, I whipped up a smoked salmon Nicoise salad (normally, this French creation is made with tuna). It included fresh red potatoes from Mom and the most delicious cherry tomatoes from my garden. I skipped the green beans because I do not particularly like green beans, and I didn’t get any of those anyway. (My Beloved said, “What’s Nicoise?” and I said, “It’s a town in Italy.” Wrong, it’s a town in France. And an interesting salad.)

For supper tomorrow, or possibly this weekend, we’re having wild rice soup made with celery I have sitting in my crisper drawer and fresh carrots from Mom. Nothing like a visit to Minnesota to remind you how much you miss wild rice.

Also on upcoming menus: BLTs made with fresh tomatoes, shrimp and corn bisque (fresh Illinois sweet corn can’t be beat) and fried green tomatoes.

Now, I also have some smoked trout from Morey’s, and I’m not quite sure what I’m doing with that. I also have a ton of jalapeno peppers from my garden. Ideas welcome!

2 responses to “Enjoying harvest meals

  1. You keep this up and the neighborhood will up and raise cane about converting your home from residential to commercial as people knock the door to “The Fantastic Meal Manor.” But I promise not to give out your address so I think you will be safe. I think I hear taste buds singing.

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