‘Careless Whisper’ makes a rocky comeback

Remember George Michael? The guy from Wham!? (Yeah, Wham! with an exclamation point.) The very poppy band from the 1980s?

I was sitting at the kitchen table doing some work (yes, no rest for the weary, even on a holiday weekend, not when we have a convention coming up in two weeks), and 14-year-old Cas is messing around with his iPod. With the speaker on. So I can hear it. (I am in the kitchen, after all, not my office.)

And some very guitary strains of a familiar song start playing. And I start singing the words. “I feel so unsure as I take your hand and lead you to the dance floor…”

Cas looks at me like I’m crazy. “You know this song?”

“Um, yeah, I guess. But not like this. This is a remake. I think it’s …” and I wait for the chorus. “Yes, it’s ‘Careless Whisper’!”

“Yeah!” he said, “it is ‘Careless Whisper.’ How did you know?”

It turns out it’s a cover by the band Seether. Check it out (this is how teens nowadays watch videos — on You Tube, not on Friday night TV).


And Seether’s “Careless Whisper” is No. 12 on the rock downloads on iTunes. No. 12!

I remember that song because I wrote all the lyrics in a letter to my boyfriend back in 1985. I don’t even remember why. I think we were “on a break.” This was the boyfriend in high school who wrote me letters every day when I was in college. Cas heard this, and told me how “gay” I am (“gay” has different meanings now besides “happy” and “homosexual.” Apparently, it means “stupid” and “melodramatic,” too.)

I asked him to make the Seether version of “Careless Whisper” a ringtone on my phone. Turns out, my phone is too old. Or not enough bells and whistles.

But hey, I was hip for a moment!


4 responses to “‘Careless Whisper’ makes a rocky comeback

  1. omg, this is so funny because we’ve had a similar experience in our house only it was a Tears for Fears song. lol 😉

  2. That is a really good re-make, I heard it ont he radio just a few days ago (and immediately started singing along too).

  3. But the original version remains a classic nothing can beat that.

  4. Reblogged this on Minnesota Transplant and commented:

    While working out together earlier this week, I remarked on some bit of music my Adored stepson chose to get us PUMPED UP (think Hans and Franz), and he said he liked covers. The music was some Godsmack cover (I don’t remember which one, Pink Floyd?), and at almost the same moment, we both said, “Like that old Wham! song, ‘Careless Whisper.’ And with that intro, I bring you the first moment my stepson and I realized we occasionally had the same taste in music:

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