Virus hangover

I feel sort of like a hospital patient who’s been released. I’m walking out of the hospital’s front door, and the light is too bright and I’m unsteady on my feet.

My work computer was attacked by some sort of trojan virus (I think), and I’ve spent the last 36 hours wrestling with my computer and the IT guy to fix it. My computer has been scanned, anti-virused, malware-deleted, C cleaned, defragged, hard-disk fixed, In Box repaired and I don’t know what else. One of the anti-virus programs had to run for more than 6 hours!

Though my computer was on, I couldn’t really use it for anything, work-related or otherwise. I was starting to get delirium tremens!

Now, it seems everything is clean, empty, cleared and solid, i.e., working properly. But I’m still a little unsteady on my feet. What program, which file, what website, which download infected me? What should I have avoided, but didn’t? I’m pale and paranoid, looking at my computer screen like a deer in headlights.

I think I need to sit down and steady my nerves. A drink? A little retail therapy? Some sudoku? A call to Mom? Nope. I think I neeed some chocolate.

Maybe those naughty hackers, spammers and virus creators should eat more chocolate.

One response to “Virus hangover

  1. Everyone should eat a little chocolate EVERY day! We are glad you are back in business.

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