350 creative ideas

I love the curiousity and imagination of kids. My 9-year-old nephew’s imagination is fabulous, and I love watching him think. To remind me, I have a homemade comic book he made for me on my desk. The title is “Captain Plunger Pants vs. Squid Strings” and it tells the fantastical story of a superhero with a plunger on his head fighting a huge blue squid that “one day got hypnotized and became evil.”

Plunger + squid + hypnotism = Amazing imagination.

This weekend, I want to share the work of another 9-year-old. Her name is Piper, and she’s the daughter of friend and regular Minnesota Transplant reader. Get ready to be transported. Into a vivid imagination. And forward in time….

350 Years

March 5, 2359

Kate was anxious. She had never time traveled before, and she was about to jump 350 years in the past. Her cousin, Arthur, on the other hand, was so nervous he was about to throw up. Arthur knew all the details of jumping through time, but that was just from books. He had never traveled through time either. Plus, they were both afraid they would be caught. They weren’t supposed to be in the laboratory at all, much less be setting up a time jump. Kate and Arthur really wanted to see what was different 350 years ago. It sounded so simple: just sneak in, time jump, then return at the same moment they left. Nobody would ever know they had been gone.

The time machine was invented by three brothers: James, Alex, and Peter Thomas—the three most famous people in 2356—all brilliant in their own way. James is brilliant when it comes to mechanics, Alex is brilliant when it comes to physics, and Peter is brilliant when it comes to science. James is Kate’s father and Peter is Arthur’s father.

Time travel required that a three dimensional area be created, anything in that space could jump through time. The area was defined by four crystals: three crystals arranged in a triangle and the ground, and one crystal suspended in the air above the triangle.

Kate was setting the time machine so they would go back 350 years in the past. Just as she was setting how long they were going to be gone, she heard someone coming. She quickly turned it to “1” but forgot to turn it to “H” for hours, instead of “D” for days.

March 5, 2009

On arrival, Kate felt dizzy. When her eyes settled down, she saw Arthur throwing up in the bushes, just outside their base triangle. She quickly looked for the top crystal of their pyramid. She didn’t see it, and immediately panicked. “Arthur, the top crystal! Where is it?” Arthur cleared his throat, and wiped his mouth on his sleeve, “Kate, it’s okay. I got it, It’s in my pocket.” Kate wondered how much sooner he had arrived. Was it always like that? Did one person always arrive just before the other? Anyway, at least the crystals were all accounted for. Three base triangle crystals, and one top crystal. Four all-important crystals that would be essential for their return to their home time.

Kate picked up the three base crystals and surveyed the rest of their environment. They had researched their arrival site, old photos of the location, so they knew they weren’t jumping to the middle of a lake or something. Nearby, she saw a frozen lake with brown cattails, and bare trees and shrubs surrounding it, a forest dotted with houses rooted on grass dotted with patches of snow. Beyond that small forest, she saw rolling hills as far as the eye could see. On the other side of her, she saw one small road leading into town.

Then Kate realized something, “Uh… Arthur? I forgot to turn the length of our time jump from 1 day to 1 hour.”

Arthur said, “Aww man!”

* * *

Tomorrow, find out how Kate and Arthur fare for one whole day in 2009.


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