Movie date

I went on a double date last night. It wasn’t exactly a traditional double date, but I guess nothing is perfectly traditional in a blended family, huh?

Tyler and I doubled with Cas and his new Girlfriend. Cas can’t drive, you know, and the nearest movie theatre is 15 miles away, so without a chauffeur, a driver of some sort was required to accomplish this date. Since Tyler and I were not interested in keeping ourselves busy elsewhere, as was requested, we saw a movie at the same theatre as Cas and Girlfriend. (“Please, not the same movie, too, Dad!”) And, in a coincidental chauffeur role on the way, we picked up our stepdaughter at the train station, as she would be spending the weekend with us.

So, the five us went to the movie theatre together. Dutiful chauffeurs, we dropped Cas and Girlfriend at the door, and parked a “long way away” so we wouldn’t be standing in line right behind them. Cas and Girlfriend saw “Push,” and Tyler, I and Morgan saw “Slumdog Millionnaire.”

Not exactly a romantic Valentine’s Eve date like I might have experienced at some other time in my life, but interesting and fun nonetheless. Girlfriend wasn’t too giggly, too talkative, too quiet or too forward (whew!), and “Slumdog Millionaire” wasn’t too violent, too long, too Hollywood or too pointless.

Mission accomplished.

One response to “Movie date

  1. Slumdog was really good…kind of an odd choice for a Valentine’s movie tho, isn’t it?

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