Cold steel

My sister and her husband, who live in Central Minnesota, were watching “3:10 to Yuma” together one evening not long ago.

If you’ve watched that movie, you know it’s a Western starring Christian Bale, and it has a lot of shooting, as Westerns are wont to do.

So, it’s a cold winter night in Central Minnesota, and they’re cuddled up on the couch watching a shoot ’em up Western.

When suddenly! A shot rang out!

My sister, who is a worry wart anyway, was spooked. My brave brother-in-law (a level-headed commercial airline pilot) did not immediately assume it was a gun shot. Instead, he came to a more logical conclusion (at least, logical for a lifelong Minnesotan):

“Do you think that could have been one of the Coke cans in garage fridge exploding?”

Indeed it was. It was so cold that a soda can in the fridge out in the garage had exploded because it was frozen solid.

Now that’s cold. That’s Minnesota in January.

For some (illogical) reason, I chose to visit Minnesota for my sister’s birthday in January. It was 6 below zero on the way home from church this morning at 11:45 a.m. 


Meanwhile, two states away at home in Illinois, it’s 10 degrees above.

Amazing the difference that 300 miles can make.

4 responses to “Cold steel

  1. That’s so funny…we’ve had the same thing happen…INSIDE a refridgerator. And also just inside the garage. And once, inside the car. That was by far the worst. I think we need to not drink sodas in MN in the winter. Too messy.

  2. This blog entry (and Karen’s comment) made me laugh out loud!!! I’ve had a frozen bottle of water rolling around the van making loud thumping noises until I removed it tonight!

  3. I am level-headed too! Not the worry wart that you like to make me out to be 🙂

  4. Reblogged this on Minnesota Transplant and commented:

    Happy birthday today to my dear sister who served as a punching bag while we were growing up (I’m sorry) and is a wonderful sounding board now that we’re adults. She’s a lot of great things in this world, but she’s an especially good mother to my nephews. And she reads books the same way my mother does: Perpetually (authors adore readers like that).

    In honor of her birthday, I’m reblogging this gem from Minnesota Transplant in 2009. Fortunately, the weather in her part of the world isn’t nearly so cold for her 44th birthday as it was for her 40th.

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